The journey of making…

Inspired by the modern culture of inventive entrepreneurship, TRÊK-À-PORTER is born to connect the beautiful American landscape in #GypsyGlam journey of fashion & art.

TRÊK-À-PORTER Participants include creators ranging from various product categories such as jewelry, millinery, swimwear, lingerie, eyewear, handbags, scarves and children’s wear. TRÊK-À-PORTER brings a borderless lifestyle experience to the heart of individual bohemians.

In these 11 days of Journey of Making, TRÊK-À-PORTER collaborates with each city’s local artists and artisans, musicians and writers, culinarists and mixologists, decorators and florists, educators and visionaries, together to create an entertaining shopping event that highlights unique individuals working in creative fields.

TRÊK-À-PORTER envisions a world of inventiveness, strength and togetherness; and aside from the virtual world, a sense of belonging and value of supporting beliefs.

A portion of the proceeds goes to benefiting Fashion Feed New York, a foundation that aims to improve social responsibility in the fashion industry.

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